The RSF Committment

The Richard Steele Foundation works with and for the Southern Nevada Community to support, mentor, train, and educate underserved youth across our cities. Our mission is to give youth and families the strong foundation they need to thrive, a Steele Foundation.
Through our tutoring programs, leadership initiatives, and well-known Steele ChampsĀ program at the Richard Steele Boxing Club, we continue our tried and true methods that create strong leaders of tomorrow.
Our founder, Hall of Fame Boxing Referee Richard Steele, has been a leader and mentor in the Las Vegas community for thirty years. His rich history and knowledge of leadership, mentorship, and boxing is second to none. Richard Steele is a true champion for kids and you can be, too.
Donate. Volunteer. Champion.

Heart of a Champion Awards Ceremony & Fundraiser

The RSFBC serves the North Las Vegas and Las Vegas communities through boxing education, leadership, and community programs. It is a joy to see the growth and success that so many of our children, our Steele Champs, experience though our foundation. Our 1st Annual Fundraiser, the Heart of a Champion Awards and Fundraising mixer, showcases…

NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Digs Boxing

Needless to say, we at RSF, understand the importance of coaching and boxing instruction. Still, we can’t help but get excited when another member of the sports community acknowledges our sport. New York Knicks star, Carmello Anthony, recently shared his love and respect for boxing in television ad campaign. Boxing has helped Anthony with his…

Our Founder Keeps Fighting

Champions are revealed in many different ways. Here at Richard Steele Foundation Boxing Club, we know that our Kid Contenders are true champions. Keep Fighting the Good Fight for our Kids!